Meet The GiftTree Team: Adam, Our PPC Marketing Analyst

Meet The GiftTree Team: Adam, Our PPC Marketing Analyst

AdamWhen GiftTree works its online marketing magic, Adam Bullock is the man behind the curtain. His expertise in PPC Marketing Analysis is essential to the way our beautiful gifts reach our great customers. We caught up with Adam last week to gain a little insight on his inspirations, aspirations, and what brought him to the world of online marketing.


Tell us a little about your family!

I’m fortunate to have my immediate family all within a 10-mile radius, which is what I’ve always dreamed of! My wife and I live with our old English bulldog Winston and two cats, Rufio and Cleo. I have an older brother and an identical twin brother (and yes, we played tricks on people when we were younger). We’re rule-followers (to a fault), so nothing too scandalous ever happened…


What would you say you’re most passionate about?

I love the feeling of people pulling for you, so whether it’s my home life, family life, or work life, I’m passionate about being a dependable companion, family member, and teammate. My other passion is working with children. I’m a mentor through 4Results Mentoring, a local organization in Vancouver, Washington, that provides services to vulnerable youth. It’s been an incredible experience, and I would encourage anyone who wanted to give back to his or her community to look into becoming a mentor (they’ll even train you!).


What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

My weekends are my time to be active. I’ve been training for my first marathon, so lately the weekends have been full of running! And one night every weekend I’ve been playing in an adult ice hockey league, which is a great way to keep those competitive juices flowing. My wife and I always take at least one weekend morning to slow down and take our time with a delicious breakfast. Every Monday, I’m already looking forward to the next weekend’s breakfast.


What brought you to GiftTree? Tell us a little about your venture into a career in marketing.

I love my home state of Washington and I was looking to make a difference for a local company when I initially stumbled upon GiftTree. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Washington State University, I quickly found my niche in online marketing after school and was able to become a member of the tight-knit, creative, and passionate crew at GiftTree.


Describe what you do in the GT Marketing Department.

I’ve got my hands on most online marketing activities. We try to really showcase how and why we’re different: from our dazzling gourmet gift baskets, our never-ending stream of glowing reviews, and our unique ability to personalize a wide variety of gifts. We have so many amazing gifts coming out, that we routinely just try to get their awesomeness out to the world!

In fact, here’s my chance…

* Cue a Don Draper Pitch *

Imagine…you’re on a back porch, sitting on a perfectly balanced wooden rocking chair; the kind that gives that oh-so-satisfying squeak. The sun is setting in the distance, and the heat of another summer day is finally beginning to settle down.  

You wipe your brow, sweat collected, yearning for something cool and refreshing…

And that’s when you reach over and grasp the handle of a Moscow Mule mug. It’s cool to the touch, not wet, and when that icy concoction hits the tip of your tongue, your body feels an ultimate wave of relaxation. 

This is it.

This is summer.

All thanks to GiftTree’s new engraved copper Moscow Mule mug.


In all seriousness, we truly believe in the happiness from the act of giving, and do our best to make it as easy as possible.


What inspires you the most about GiftTree?

I have never been a part of such a dedicated and passionate group of people! It really does feel like a family, and it’s my colleagues’ positivity and devotion that keep me inspired. I also love the fact that GiftTree is a dog-friendly workplace. It keeps things lighthearted and something hilarious can happen any second!


What are some of your favorite gifts offered by GT?

I’m a coffee fiend and love our coffee gift featuring Peet’s Coffee. Not only is it packed with delicious coffee, the other goodies inside the chest perfectly complement the java. I’ve not only given it as a gift…I’ve given it to myself!

And I’ve always loved our Sock-T-Pus baby gift. It’s one of those off-registry gifts that any expecting Mother wouldn’t mind receiving because it’s too cute!


Who is the hardest person in your life to shop for, and what have you found to be a “go-to” gift for them?

This is probably a little cliché, but my Dad is the hardest person to shop for. I spent years growing up giving him gum, or a shaver, or some kind of tech gift. But I finally figured it out: he loves spending time with his family! So, nowadays, it’s usually a gift basket for the pizzazz and an “experience.” He really loves the ability to spend time with his sons and grandchildren.


What was the best gift you’ve ever given?

My wife LOVES cinnamon in her coffee. So, for a Valentine’s Day gift one year, I created little individual packets of cinnamon she could carry around with her. They were individually stamped. It was a mixture of something so unexpected and that personal touch that had her beaming when she opened the gift and for months afterward when she would slip a cinnamon packet out of her purse.


What was the best gift you’ve ever received?

In August 2015 I’ll become a first-time Dad, so I’m very much looking forward to that gift!

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  1. Can confirm: Adam is a great guy. Gift Tree is lucky to have him!

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