Why We Gift Wednesday (Dad Joke Edition)

Why We Gift Wednesday (Dad Joke Edition)

Father’s day is less than two weeks away, can you believe it? So, this week on Why We Gift Wednesday, we’re celebrating dads and all that they do – especially the cheesy jokes that only dads can deliver properly to produce the necessary groans and eye rolls from the kids. The very same kids who will likely be telling those same old dad jokes to their own kids years later.


My dad used this one a lot –

Me: I’m thirsty.

Dad: I’m Friday!

(Dad would chuckle to himself while I gave a massive eye roll)


Do you have a favorite joke your dad used to tell? Share it below! *Please, clean jokes only!

  1. You forgot the rest of the joke!
    Me: I’m thirsty
    Dad: I’m Friday, how about we go out Saturday and get a Sundae!

  2. I hate jokes about German Sausages!

    They’re the WURST!


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