Meet The GiftTree Team: Design Team Manager Heidi Reichert

Meet The GiftTree Team: Design Team Manager Heidi Reichert

Heidi_ReichertHeidi Reichert is GiftTree’s talented, dynamic new Design Team Manager. She spearheads new gift designs, develops our line of luxury wines, sets the aesthetic tone for GiftTree, and keeps the Design Department organized and on schedule, which, when you’re working with a band of creative types, can be quite a task. We sat down with Heidi this week to gain some perspective on her background, her interests, and what inspires her the most.

Tell us a little bit about your background in the design field.

I studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, did some freelancing along the way and found my niche in stationery at Tiny Prints, where I worked for 7 years. Now I’m excited to be involved in the world of gifts! Who wouldn’t want to work with wine and chocolate on a daily basis?


Where do you draw your creative inspiration, and what inspires your artistic side?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from fashion, architecture, fonts, and hand lettering.


Can you describe your personal style in a few words?

I would describe my personal style as simple, organized, and clean.


Tell us a little bit about your family!

My husband and I met and got married in San Francisco. Now we have two wonderful little ones, our daughter is 3 years old and our son is 6 months old.


What’s the one personal belonging you couldn’t live without?

My Ray-Bans! And at this point in my life, the Baby Ergo (boring but true).


What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Every weekend I can be found at the Farmer’s Market with my family. Taking the kids to the park, exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants. Lots of eating out…


If you could travel to any place on Earth, where would you go and what would you do?

Definitely someplace tropical for some boating and diving.


What do you like most about working at GiftTree?

My awesome team! And all the samples, of course!


What are your favorite GiftTree gifts offered on the website?

I loved the working on the Mother’s Day line, namely the Perrier-Jouet Champagne Collection and I am really excited about the new personalized Mule Mugs, coming soon!


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  1. Those mule mugs are AWESOME!

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