7 Secrets to a Great Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

7 Secrets to a Great Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

A great Mother’s Day breakfast in bed doesn’t just happen, it’s the culmination of planning that ultimately looks effortless, simply because mom didn’t see all that happened behind the scenes to make her day special! Here are 7 secrets filled with ideas to make sure you go the extra mile this year for a breakfast in bed that can’t be beat (until next year, that is!):

1. Prep Ahead of Time

GiftTree Mother's Day Brunch Pinterest BoardMake-ahead recipe ideas like a breakfast casserole or strata are a great idea to make it feasible to get breakfast done in a reasonable amount of time with the kids. If you’re looking for a selection of good Mother’s Day breakfast ideas, check out our Mother’s Day brunch board on Pinterest for recipe inspiration such as an overnight blueberry stuffed French toast, or a tasty sausage strata. Get the kids in the kitchen to help prepare and assemble the night before, then the morning of, just pop it in the oven and serve with fruit or a yogurt parfait and a tasty drink – easy like Sunday morning!

2. Shower Her with Fresh FlowersA Mother's Love Bouquet

Why not have a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers delivered early to Mom’s work or home (it’s still not too late to order and get them delivered today!). There’s something luxurious about accepting a delivery of an expertly arranged bouquet to your door with a heart-felt note. Another option is to get the flowers delivered the day before, hide them, and then sneak them into mom’s room to be found when she wakes. Opening her eyes to the lovely smell of freshly picked blooms on her bedside table is sure to start mother’s day off with a smile.

3. Treat Mom Like a Queen While She Waits for Breakfast

Mother's Day Door HangersHave mom don a fancy robe and slippers while she waits in bed for breakfast to arrive, although if you follow tip #2 she won’t have to wait too long, but just in case, have fun with it and treat her like she’s just stayed the night in a posh hotel. Bring her the morning paper, or a magazine she loves. Make special “Do Not Disturb” signs for the door, and and create a special mother’s day playlist filled with her favorite tunes. Bring in a portable speaker and set the mood for a lovely, relaxing morning.

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4. Don’t Skimp on the Bevvies20938b_Toast-to-Mom-Custom-Champagne-Crate

Pop the bubbly – it’s never too early! Mimosas with a quality champagne and fresh squeezed orange are a fun and fresh idea to start a yummy breakfast. Or, try the Italian classic – bellinis – mix fruit puree such as peach or raspberry with prosecco, and say “Cin Cin!” as you toast to all mom does. If she’s not a drinker, serve her up some tea in a gorgeous teapot that can be part of her gift, or a cute French press of coffee pot for one a new mug (bonus points if it’s handmade!).

5. Use Food to Spell out a Heart-Felt Message

Mother's Day Cute Breakfast IdeaThere are so many fun and easy recipe ideas for ways to present food in a new and unique way that will make it special. Some good Mother’ Day breakfast ideas to go the extra mile are to use pancake batter in a squeeze bottle to spell out a loving message or just the letters M-O-M (it can be made the night before), cut out heart shapes from French toast, or arrange fruit to spell out “WE <3 U”. Taking the extra time to make food speak to mom is sure to be appreciated, and savored!

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Photo-Breakfast-Tray-for-Mothers-Day-DIY-made-with-photo-frame-and-cabinet-door-handles-StuffedSuitcase.com_6. Go the Extra Mile to Make it Fancy

Cloth napkins are a must, and a fun surprise gift from the kids if you plan ahead with easy tie-dye or iron-on crafts, or just take the time learn a pretty napkin fold and put it to use! Use free printables to add adorable wrapping for silverware, and cards on her tray. Speaking of the tray, don’t just use any old one, surprise mom with breakfast served on a DIY tray including notes from the kids, a poem, quotes she loves or photos.

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7. After Breakfast, Open Gifts in Bed!
20936b_Mothers-Day-Champagne-BrunchIf the kids are small, handmade gifts are the cutest, and can be saved for years to come. An awesome and quick gift idea is a keepsake handprint gift like a print or a garden stepping stone. As the grand finale, Dad or one of the kids can walk in with a gift basket brimming with treats for Mom that she can enjoy for days afterwards.



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We hope you put one or all of these suggestions to use this Sunday for Mother’s day to make mom feel extra special this year. If you do, please let us know what you did and how it went over! Or, if you have any suggestions of your own, please share! Have you ever made  your mom breakfast in bed? Have your children ever made you breakfast in bed?

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  1. I love the idea of breakfast in bed…followed by BAM a big gift basket!

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