Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is approaching quickly – Good Friday is just one week away! Avoid the rush and place your order now for flowers and Easter gifts. We’ll make sure it’s there by Easter Sunday.

Here, for your Friday, is a guest post from our very own Zach Nystrom. He works in customer service and sees and hears daily what our customers are interested in. This gives him a unique insight into Easter gift ideas for kids. Enjoy!

Easter is always an exciting time of the year for the kids. A day packed full of Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and time spent relaxing with the family always made it one of my favorite holidays of the year. As we near this year’s celebration I always like to reflect on the fun times I had with my family.

Nothing seemed better than waking up early knowing the Easter bunny had left a treasure trove of sweets laying around the house and yard. My brother and I would scavenge for our plunder of chocolates and jelly beans that the Easter bunny always lovingly left behind before opening up our special gifts from our parents. After a quick Easter service and playing around the neighborhood fueled by our overload of sugar, we always settled down to a nice dinner. The holiday remains one that is dear to my heart when thinking back on my childhood.

We here at GiftTree pride ourselves in creating these types of memories and so I just wanted to share some of the lovely products that could make Easter this year just a bit more memorable.

1. Little Chef Embroidered Gift Set

Little Chef Embroidered Gift Set

Perfect for kids between the ages of 3-10, this is a bright, colorful and charming set for any aspiring cook. The set comes with an adjustable chef hat specially embroidered with the child’s own name as well as matching apron, oven mitts, child and full size dish towels. The gift comes with a delicious hand decorated panda cookie to top it all off. This gift is wonderful for those kids that just want to play along in the kitchen without all the dirty work.





2. Sweet Nostalgia

Sweet Nostalgia

Let them relive the sweetness of your youth! This super fun basket of treats is perfect for any child with a sweet tooth that can not be satisfied by jelly beans and chocolate bunnies alone. Packaged in a retro Dots lunchbox that can be used again and again after all the treats have disappeared, classic candies like Haribo Gummi Bears, Pez, Pop Rocks and more can have them discovering what exactly made life so sweet back in the day. Of course it does come with my personal childhood favorite: the whirly pop!





3. Inspirational Pencil Set with Free Embossing

Inspirational Pencil Set with Free Embossing

Of course if you wanted to give them something inspirational for Easter then we have that covered for every little Picasso out there. This gift set is perfect for every little artist that spends their afternoons sketching away. The set comes with a refillable spiral sketch pad notebook made with top-grain leather on which the front can be embossed with a short message or their name for that extra special touch. The gift comes with twelve assorted colored pencils with unique names such as “Create” and “Believe” as well as a pencil sharpener to make sure they are always ready to go when inspiration hits.




4. Engraved 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

One of my favorite memories during any holiday was playing games with my brother and parents. This new twist on a classic staple is gorgeously presented and fun for the whole family. Challenge you and yours to Tic-Tac-Toe in the 3rd dimension! Made from beautiful and sustainable acacia wood this set can be personalized with a special engraving of your choice. The set comes with everything you need to play right away with written instructions and presentation ready packaging. The perfect gift for kids if you also want to join in on the fun!





5. Under the Sea Baby Bath Embroidered Gift Set

Under the Sea Baby Bath Time Embroidered Gift Set
This one is for those little ones that are enjoying their first Easter experiences. This charming gift basket is a perfect gift for a newborn with “under the sea” themed bib, rattle and infant onesie. It also comes with four bath time squirters for loads of fun in the bath or in the pool. Included is also 3 bath fizzers to add extra fun to bath time. The set is completed with a bright, colorful, plush fish pillow. With Melissa and Doug products, this high quality basket will bring all sorts of brightness and fun to their first spring and summer!

These are just a few of the wonderful gifts that we are proud to offer. Let us help make Easter an even more memorable experience for the little ones in your life!

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