St Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that the hubbub of Valentine’s Day is behind us, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in less than a month, and if you’re like me, you always struggle with what gifts to give. Isn’t it enough to just wear green, eat Shepherd’s Pie and call it a day?

Well, if you have any Irish Catholic in your blood, then definitely not! In Chicago and Boston especially, gifts are expected. And though the major retailers don’t often offer St. Patricks Day gifts ideas as much to the desiring public like they do for Christmas and Valentine’s, it’s a major US holiday for which gifts are always welcome.

Luckily GiftTree’s got you covered. Check out some of these unique and impressive St Patrick’s Day gift ideas for every member of the family.


Five Star Fruit Basket

Five Star Fruit Basket

St Patrick’s Day is a great holiday for kids. They eagerly wear green, try to find four-leaf clovers and will have some kind of themed party at school. Make yourself the star of the party with this healthy gourmet fruit basket full of premium Fuji Apples, Bosc pears and California navel oranges with a variety of scrumptious gourmet cookies and nuts. A beautiful two-tone satin green ribbon tops it all off. After all the food has been enjoyed, the lucky child can use the sturdy wicker basket to organize their toys, stuffed animals, or shoes.


Craft Beer and Snacks Basket

Craft Beer and Snacks Basket

This beer basket is an absolute winner. Men love beer and this one starts with a personalized green satin ribbon and a vintage 1940s-style suitcase. Inside he’ll find six bottle of choice beers – either American IPAs or an International collection – along with a carefully chosen selection of beer-themed snacks and treats such as beer nuts, salted peanuts, and wasabi peas. Add your personal message on the green ribbon for an extra special touch.


Springtime Harmony

Springtime Harmony Bouquet

Now one for the ladies. Fresh flowers make any holiday that much more special, and this arrangement bears all the representations of St Patrick’s day: green button spray chrysanthemums, green carnations mix with yellow and white roses and a lovely green ribbon. The arrangement will be delivered on the 17th by expert florists in the recipient’s area, presented in a glass vase with fresh water and ready to be enjoyed.


Traditional Teatime Basket

Traditional Teatime Basket

A rich way to slow down and savor the moment, this tea collection features a Tea for One ceramic tea pot and tea cup, organic black tea, Jasmine-infused green tea, honey straws and shortbreads, chocolates and more, all in a charming double-handled wooden basket. The signature cartons for each item feature several hues of green, and the basket comes adorned with a beautiful two-tone green satin ribbon for an unforgettable St Patrick’s Day gift.


A Taste of Elegance

A Taste of Elegance Gourmet Basket

This is really the definition of a gourmet gift basket, and its vibrant collection of signature green cartons makes it a sure winner on March 17. With a Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Bar, Saraivanov Smoked Salmon, Camembert Cheese, Seattle Truffles, Green Tea Caramels, and much, much more, you can be assured that they’ve never enjoyed a St Patrick’s Day gift quite like this combination of elegance and indulgence.


St Patrick’s Day is not always easy to shop for, but we’ve found a way to make it easy and memorable. There’s never been a better time to let GiftTree become a recurring part of your own St Patrick’s Day traditions. Have a good one!

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