Confectionately Gourds

Guest Blogger: Dustin Lawrentz

Your senses may suspect something otherworldly about the pale pepos you’re sure to spot among the Halloween decorations this holiday season. You won’t be able to put your finger on it; could it be the shimmer of iridescence on the writhing vines, is it the milky smoothness of its’ colorless flesh? You step closer, eyes wide, cautiously. Is that the sugary scent of confectionary sleight of hand?

You suddenly realize, much to your chagrined delight, that witch craft had no hand in this work of alchemy. The immaculate jack o lantern before you is in fact a sculpted cheese cake of the absolute highest caliber, crafted by master San Franciscan artisans, whose virtuosity does indeed approach the supernatural.

You won’t be the only one bewitched by such a curiosity. Among the mesmerized are Good Morning America, Bon Appetit, and Oprah’s Wedding Issue. This little ball of white magic will certainly cast a spell on any entity, paranormal or earth-bound. It’s hypothesized to be a usable vampire repellant and an excellent ghost trap, but field studies are still being conducted to prove this conclusively.

Whether you’re hunting ghosts or hoping to be a distinctive host: This All-Hallows Eve, our Whimsical White Pumpkin Cheesecake is the best way to trick and entreat your local spirits.

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