Trick or Treat!

Guest Blogger: Aubry Peters

Halloween is not typically thought of as a gift-giving holiday. My mother, however, has made an effort to send me a little care package every year on Halloween. It’s never anything big and flashy but it’s always something nice and thoughtful. She knows that I love the Monster Cereals like Boo Berry and Frankenberry, so she usually sends me a box of those and some candy. Even though I’ve long outgrown trick or treating, it’s still kind of nice to get some candy on Halloween.

This care package was always very nice and it made me smile. I think of how that little bit of extra effort on a holiday where you don’t expect anything made me happy and how it brightened my day. It made me want to do the same for those people that I care about so I decided to send a little something this year to someone and pass on the tradition of gift giving on Halloween. This year I am sending the Halloween Tower of Treats  to someone special to remind them that whether or not you view yourself as too old to trick or treat, you’re never too old for treats on All Hallow’s Eve.

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