Back to School

My children would absolutely hate me for wanting to blog about this subject, but, like death and taxes, it must be done. Parents and retailers everywhere are already thinking about this upcoming event. I am not speaking of Labor Day or Grandparents Day. Nope, the day that makes children everywhere quake and parents do a little happy dance??? BACK TO SCHOOL! (Screaming, rioting, gnashing of teeth).

When my children were little, money was extremely tight so I would spend most of the previous school year and the summer searching ads, trying to find the best deals on clothing and school supplies. I would just keep a spot where I would put all the pencils, crayons, paper, etc to pull out when the backpack was ready to be loaded. One of my biggest problems is that I hide things too well and often can not find all the things I put away, at least until all of the kids have graduated from high school!! I seriously think that I will be able to donate all those “well-hidden” items and supply an entire school! But, oh, I loved the challenge of the 1 cent sales at the office supply chains or scoring a brand new box of crayons for a quarter!

Now, when it came to back-to-school clothing, we would accumulate the requisite socks, underwear, and shoes, along with new shirts, pants, and skirts all throughout the summer as the sales presented themselves. The clothing was then put away at the top of the closet of the child, not to be touched (under penalty of Mom’s stink-eye) until school reconvened in the fall.

As we near that bittersweet time this year, are you a hoarder like me, or do you simply go out in one fell swoop and purchase everything at once? Are your kids getting older so the list from the schools nearly requires a second mortgage on your home? Do any of you, like myself, have a first timer in college? Wow, that is an eye-opening experience! I am just dreading the fact that one book may cost more than I have actually spent on supplies in the last 13 years!

Here’s to you parents! When they head out the door that first morning, take a few minutes to sit and just enjoy the peace and silence. Just think, you have about 9 hours until the homework and projects begin!

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