Friendship Day

I believe in showing appreciation to our loved ones every chance we get. Small things even, like saying “I love you” or sending a quick text in the morning to tell someone “Have a great day!”. We shouldn’t only show our love on holidays that are specifically for an individual. But if we’re honest with ourselves, showing our love or appreciation either doesn’t come easily or can be simply forgotten. As humans, we are just always so busy, which makes holidays great because we can take time and shower someone with kindness and love. People will claim a lot of holidays are created by “Hallmark” and the retail industry to make money, but does it really matter? When it comes down to it, holidays are FUN! And even if we happen to always show how much we care about someone, it’s just nice to make a day even more special for the people we love!

With all that being said, I have to admit . . . I LOVE HOLIDAYS! Sometimes I look up random holidays on the internet for fun, almost every day is National/International “this” or “that”. The upcoming holiday that I’m super excited about, but just recently found out existed, is Friendship Day! Okay, so maybe this actually was a holiday created by Hallmark many, many years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The holiday falls on the first Sunday of every August, which means this years Friendship Day is just a couple days away, on August 4th. There are so many ways to show our friends we are thinking of them and Friendship Day gives us a reminder that even our friends should be told we care. I think friendships can sometimes be one of the things we forget to celebrate. We call people our best friends, hang out, and have a good time – but how often do we do something a little different and thoughtful?

My best friend and I have been friends for over 15 years. We went through Elementary, Middle, and High School together. We’ve had our ups and we’ve definitely had our downs. After High School we went our separate ways and spoke every few months on the phone and sometimes on social networks, being that we always lived in different states. But our friendship has always been strong and real, because those real friendships never go away. I’ll always remember the silly weird things we’ve done and all the hard times we’ve both endured, survived, and helped each other through. At times I don’t feel like I show how much I appreciate her, especially when she’s done so much for me. So earlier this year, when she retired from the Airforce, I decided to surprise her with a couple of fun gifts not only to show that I was thinking of her but also so that way she could have something to remember those moments of becoming a civilian again.

The first gift I got her was the Be Happy Bouquet which I added a balloon to. The bouquet I chose is one of our many amazing gifts that are hand delivered by our fantastic design centers located all over the country. I had to order the gift last minute because the date wasn’t set in stone on when she would sign her retirement papers. I ended up ordering the flower arrangement the same day she actually signed the papers. Now you may be thinking it must have been hard to get this arrangement out on such short notice . . . but it wasn’t!!! I ordered early that morning and she received it later that afternoon. I was so excited all day long, because she wasn’t expecting it at all and I couldn’t wait to see how surprised she was! I chose the Be Happy Bouquet because it’s one of my favorites. It’s bright, cute, and .  . well . . . happy! I think it’s one of the best bouquets to give friends in general. In fact, most customers who order this gift give it to their friends on their birthday. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also reusable, which is cool because when the person you get this for uses the mug, they’ll think of how you got them something so thoughtful and nice.

I remember my friend texting me with how surprised and stoked she was to get it – she even texted me a photo with the arrangement and the next time I was on Facebook, I saw that she posted it online as well. Not only did it make her happy, but it made me feel better knowing I was able to find a way to show my appreciation for our friendship and my excitement for her to come home.

She was leaving a couple days later and heading back to our hometown, but I knew I wouldn’t see her right away. I live about thirty minutes away from her parents home, where she was staying temporarily. Since she was getting in late I sent her a wine basket to her parents home from our warehouse. I didn’t have time to bring it to her myself so shipping it through Fed-Ex was very convenient. My friend was once again surprised and her whole family pulled out wine glasses, popped the two bottles of wine, and celebrated her homecoming. It was a hit! Once again, pictures were posted on Facebook, so even though I wasn’t there, I still got to enjoy her and her families celebration as well.

When my friend got her own place closer to me, I of course went to visit. By the time I had a chance to visit, her apartment was pretty much all unpacked and everything in their place. I sat in the kitchen while her and her boyfriend very nicely made lunch. As they were moving around the kitchen I noticed they were using the basket, from the wine gift I sent, to hold fresh fruit on their counter. And as she reached for a glass in her cabinet, I saw the Be Happy mug with the rest of her dishes. These gifts that I ordered online made a way into her home and a part of her everyday life. That, with the memory of surprising her when she least expected it, was completely priceless.

As Friendship Day nears, remember that even the smallest things make a big difference. You can completely turn someones day around, put a smile on their face, and make them feel incredibly special. Our friends – who can be someone we’ve known since childhood, family, co-workers, or someone you just recently met – all deserve to be thought of, even if it takes an International holiday to remind us to do something a little different.

Our gifts, no matter what you choose, will make someone feel deeply appreciated. We have flower arrangements that we can deliver the day you order them and we have so many items that can be shipped, like gifts that you can personalize or engrave, gourmet baskets with reusable and stylish baskets/carrying cases, and so much more! Whether you’re ordering a gift for Friendship Day or even just ordering a gift on any ole day just to surprise someone, you will be able to find that special something here. I know this because I have experienced it myself again and again.

Like I’ve said before, we all get busy, so take a moment and show someone that you’ve been thinking about them by sending them something special and heartfelt, because believe me, it’s such an awesome feeling knowing you made someones day!

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