Summer Food

Summer time is in full swing, and we love this time of year! Swimming, picnics, outdoor activities and best of all, summer food. There is nothing better than a good bbq, a nice cold beverage, friends and sunshine! Some of the best things about summer food is that most of it doesn’t require you to slave over a hot stove. Easy summer meals are a must, and when we think of a perfect summer food, the avocado comes to mind. We love it sliced, diced, wrapped up, and especially made into guacamole. Mmmm! Another summer favorite for us is fresh crab. While we love it anytime of year, we especially love crab in the summer, dipped in melted butter, messy and succulent (butter running down your chin and all). Keeping some of our favorite food in mind, we wanted to find a unique way of blending our favorites, with a fresh twist. Lucky for us, we found the PERFECT recipe from Chilled Avocado Soup topped with Crab (get the recipe here). Pair it with some crusty french bread and a chilled bottle of white wine and you have yourself a light and refreshing summer night meal!

  1. I would love to have this avocado soup recipe.

  2. Wow, now that is a mighty fine recipe.

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