July Birthdays

I was born, smack-dab in the middle of July. Don’t believe me? Try the 15th. I always loved having a birthday in the summer because the possibilities for something fun to do or party ideas were endless. The only downfall, and I have heard this from other people who celebrate summer birthdays, we never got to have a birthday party at school! We never got to take treats to our class or we simply got lumped in with the other summer kids for a general party for all. But, my consolation was always that I was half a year away from Christmas so the gifts were available more than just once a year.

I did some research into July birthdays and probably learned some things about myself in the process. Of course, at the age I will be turning this year, I should have figured myself out by now!

People who were born in July are: Bubbling with enthusiasm. Friendly in nature. Quiet and retrained. Deep thinkers. Have a good sense of humor. Loving and caring towards near and dear ones. Sharp minded. Sensitive. Fun. Forgiving in nature. Unpredictable at times. Stylish in dress. Peace lovers. Spiritual at times. Dedicated and hard-working.  At least that’s what “they” say. There are a few of those that would seem doubtful for me **cough, cough** (quiet and restrained), but generally pretty accurate.

The birthstone for July is the Ruby. I have always loved this stone. It is red, but contains undertones of pink, unlike the Garnet that is deeply red. The Ruby is considered the stone of contentment. Symbolizes success, devotion, and integrity. Ancient lore is that ruby is capable of reconciling lover’s quarrels.

– A ruby engagement ring expresses passion and promise of the heart. It brings peace of mind, stimulates sexuality, removes evil and impure thoughts, banishes sorrows and prevents nightmares.

– A heart shaped ruby, attracts love when worn over the heart in a red velvet bag filled with seashells.

July’s flower is the Water Lily or Larkspur. The water lily symbolizes purity of heart and larkspur represents lightness, levity, ardent attachment, and fickleness.

July’s trees (I really didn’t realize we had trees, but okay) are the elm and cypress. The symbolism behind these include strength of will and intuition.

It is always fun to find out who shares my birthday so after searching, I share my day with Rembrandt, Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini, and Jesse Ventura! Who could ask for anything more?

July birthdays are coming up, remember to honor your loved-ones with something. A gift is always fun, but a card or a phone call will always make someone feel special. Of course, in this fast-paced world, even a text would work, or set up a time to skype with the birthday boy or girl. Birthdays are the celebration of someone coming into the world and landing in your life. Let them know you appreciate that.

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