Memorial Day

Memorial Day this year falls on Monday May 27.  We honor those who have died while serving our country now and in years gone by. We visit gravestones, hold vigils, and eagerly await the homecoming of our friends and family members still overseas. We also celebrate and enjoy this date as the conventional oncoming of summer — ladies start to wear white and guys start to wear…. what they always wear! Lots of families will be getting out to a baseball game, local park, or family barbeque. A few of our more historically rooted communities will still have a Memorial Day parade. As for me, I’ll be relishing the day with a visit from my parents from way down South and fawning over our newborn.

So where does GiftTree come in? Flowers are a traditional and thoughtful way to remember a fallen soldier. I especially like the America The Beautiful (From $49.95) and the American Spirit Bouquet ($84.95) for this occasion.
As for the oncoming of summer. a nice wine basket such as the affordable Vineyard Select Wine Basket ($54.95) may complement a picnic or cookout well, while a getaway weekend in the Hamptons or Aspen may require more luxury such the Verite la Joie Cabernet basket ($399.95) or the Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Basket ($299.95).

However you celebrate Memorial Day, may it be joyful and memorable!

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