Take Your Child To Work Day

Every year, the fourth Thursday in April is “Take Your Child to Work Day.” This year that falls on April 25, and GiftTree is excited to participate!

Take Your Child to Work Day was founded in 1993, originally called “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” It was created by the Ms. Foundation for Women and Gloria Steinem. The program was intended to be a nurturing experience for girls, who historically were excluded from the professional workplace. It was seen as an opportunity to give girls a self-esteem boost and a glimpse into a traditionally-male world. The Ms. Foundation sent literature about the program to schools, and held the day on a traditional school day in hopes that schools would encourage participation. Most schools were very hesitant to encourage the program initially, as it was geared solely towards female students. Growing voices called for the inclusion of male students, and in 2003 the program was officially expanded to include boys as well as girls, becoming “Take Your Child to Work Day,” a more gender-neutral and all-inclusive name. The newly restated goals of the program are to give children a glimpse into all kinds of career fields while they are still young enough to be more flexible in terms of gender roles. Since the expansion of the program, schools have increasingly encouraged participation and more and more workplaces also have begun to encourage employees to bring their children to work.

Don’t forget to take your son or daughter to work on April 25!

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