Chocolatier Keepsake Chest

Guest Blogger Tracey Graham

Growing up in the wilds of Alaska, I grew up with a love for books. Since there was no television station that transmitted to our home, my family would sit around the living room each night to read out loud.The stories would range from adventure, to sci-fi, to teen romance books (this last to be read when dad was not home).

Now that I’m older and have a family of my own, I look back on these nights with the hope that my little family will always be as close as these books kept me and my sisters.

I found the perfect gift to send to my sisters…. It’s the Chocolatier Keepsake Chest. The box itself is made to resemble a book, and is just the perfect reminder of warm nights by the fire with our family. My only problem is choosing which set of chocolates to send to my sisters. I think for my sister who traveled Europe, I will send the World-Famous Chocolates, and for my sister who would rather read about traveling, I will send the Godiva Chocolates. Either way, I am anticipating that these gifts will bring back these same memories to my sisters.

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