Playing Santa Claus

For me, the single most enjoyable thing about being a parent is getting to play Santa Claus.

I think every kid loves Christmas. Presents, cookies, family…what’s not to love? Nobody ever tells you, though, just how much you’ll love Christmas when you become an adult, and for entirely different reasons.

The feeling of carefully selecting gifts for my children is so rewarding. I can look at a gift and imagine the way their eyes will light up when they see it. Christmas has become about that to me; the ultimate goal at Christmas is for my children to be happy. There are so many things to give thought to in order ot make Christmas the best it possibly can be. Which Christmas movie will we watch on Christmas Eve? “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was always my favorite, but they seem to like “The Santa Clause” more. Which cookie shapes will we use to make Santa’s cookies? Ethan prefers the reindeer and Caroline the snowman. It’s tradition that the kids always get a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve, so choosing just the right pair is tough, too. There are so many things to consider without even considering the Christmas gifts.

Christmas goodies are a must-have! Kids love treats, and with the Fresh Fruit & Cookies Basket or the Tempting Treats Tower, you will be absolutely stocked up on treats . I know I always spend time pondering which goodies to fill stockings with, or just how much candy is too much! With these great gift ideas not only do they get tasty treats, but they also get a cute Christmas-themed bag or stocking.

Knowing that the treats are taken care of, I have so much more time to devote to finding the perfect everything else. Now I can make the hard decisions…… like ham, or turkey? Tinsel or garland? Snowmen or Christmas trees? Decisions, decisions!

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