December Birth Flower

Blog by Kirian McClure

While many are worried about holiday preparations and gifts during this time of the year, make sure to also remember those with December birthdays!  The tumultuous frenzy of the month’s festivities means there is a decent chance some of those birthdays could slip through the cracks.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to spend thinking about what that perfect gift might be. Consider saving yourself the hassle by sending the gift of a birth flower. For December this means either the Holly or the Narcissus, also referred to as the Daffodil.

Hollies are a flowering plant known for their attractive yet toxic red berries, and are a common ingredient in caffeinated teas such as yerba mate. In addition, the wood from Holly plants is regularly used to craft white chess pieces, and similiarly decoractive uses.

The Holly symbolizes one’s wish for continued home and family happiness.

The Narcissus has a classic beauty, its ring of petals surrounding a trumpet shaped corona. Like the Holly, the Narcissus flower is toxic to humans if eaten.

Fun fact: Daffodils are grown commercially in Powys, Wales, to produce galantamine, a drug used to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

The Daffodil flower is symbolic of the desire for your significant other to stay just the way they are.

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