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As much as the winter holidays make us want to hunker down and outlast the harsh weather with all the seasons usual tasty (and fattening) trappings, for some they can also trigger an almost obsessive need to travel to the brighter, warmer parts of the world.  Usually my family goes the traditional route, flying relatives in from out of town and spending days and days preparing decorations, food, and presents.  Not to mention taking them out on regular forays to keep them entertained.

Tired by the very thought of this massive investment of time and energy, one year me and my father decided to try something different. We figured we’d get as far away from the obligations and the cold as possible and fly down to Mexico for the holidays.  The second our plane hit the tarmac we looked back at each other and instantly knew we’d made the right decision.  We traveled all around the west coast of Mexico, stopping at national parks and monuments along the way, while being sure not to neglect the usually delicious local eateries scattered along the way.  One cannot express just how sublime it felt to be stretched out on a beach with the coastal sun beating down on us while back home everyone else was huddled around heaters and stoves, rubbing their hands together in a vain attempt to get the slightest amount of warmth.

I highly recommend breaking out of the standard holiday formula and trying something different this year. I know when I’ve got the resources again, taking a trip is going to be at the top of my list.  However I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t at least a few items I wish I’d brought along.

On any trip there is going to be a decent amount of time in between going to new places and seeing new things, these gifts make passing time truly a pleasure. These items are compact and made for easy transportation:

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