My Thanksgiving Ritual

Blog by Kirian McClure

Folks will usually answer Halloween or Christmas when you inquire as to what their most favorite holiday is and don’t get me wrong, those two certainly have their appeal.  Costumes are fun and candy is scrumptious, and who doesn’t love giving and receiving presents? However, there’s also a pervasive element of stress associated with all the extensive preparations those holidays entail.  You have to worry about the perfect costume, decorations, lights, Christmas trees, ideal gifts, and you can usually count on snowy weather to further complicate things.

With Thanksgiving all that matters is food and family.  Its all those other holidays stripped down to their most basic, and in my view, most appealing level.  One need not fuss about all the extra stuff!

My family has a recipe that we’ve tried to fulfill every year, and one that has never failed to guarantee a spectacular Thanksgiving experience (despite that one time when I was a typically moody teenager). Its pretty simple and can easily be summed up with 3 G’s:

Good food
Good company
Good beer (or wine)

The first two are a necessity, but the third really ties it all together. Starting the day off with a mimosa and a light breakfast while “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” plays on TV is a tradition that never gets old.

We also like to divvy up the responsibilities for the day so no one person has an inordinate amount of work to do. My mother will pull all the ingredients out and do the cooking prep while each person works on crafting their own dish according to a slew of recipes that we rotate in and out every year.  My mom, ever the culinary artist (she ran her own restaurant and was the head chef for years before I was born), roams back and forth giving tips and making sure everything is living up to her “very” high standards.  Yet when it comes time for apple pie its a different story entirely. That is solely my mom’s domain and year after year she continues to devise the most mouth-watering, knee-knockingly delicious pies anyones ever tasted.  In the same room we have the the day’s football games playing so everyone can watch while they cook. This way everybody can stay involved and folks aren’t separated off into different rooms, easily keeping the Thanksgiving spirit alive throughout the day.

When it finally comes time to eat we are presented with a veritable cornucopia of goodness that seems to continually impress those in attendance year after year.  I carve the succulently cooked and seasoned turkey and  all gorge themselves on the feast. While we eat we exchange great jokes, get life updates, and listen to some entrancing stories.  Eventually we arrive at the point of the day where the final Thanksgiving tradition is observed: the annual loosening of the belt!

However you choose to celebrate, I, and everyone at Gift Tree, wishes you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and as over-abbreviators like to say, “Happy T-Day!”

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  1. Mimosas and the Macy’s parade… just add some cinnamon rolls and it sounds like what we do every year. 😀 Happy Thanksgiving!

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