Gifts and Tips for the Scotch Lover

Just like Will Ferrell’s iconic character Ron Burgundy in the movie “Anchorman”, I too love scotch. It is smooth, and it does go down nicely while listening to Barry White or reading from some leather bound books by a roaring fire. Scotch is a sophisticated alcohol that intimidates some people who aren’t sure what foods to pair with it and how to properly serve it. After doing some research, I have come up with a list of tips and gift ideas to help out the scotch newbie or the connoisseur.

1.)  Cheese: Scotch goes well paired with stronger cheeses like Swiss and Gouda, or softer cheeses like Brie. The perfect cheese gift to accompany scotch would be GiftTree’s Artisan Cheese Hamper – Deluxe  which offers Gouda, Manchego, Smoked Cheddar, and Swiss, along with some gourmet food options.

2.)  Chocolate: Surprisingly, scotch and chocolate go quite nicely together, especially dark chocolate. For a chocolate related gift, I would recommend gifting The Chocolatier Collection, which is filled to the brim with gourmet chocolates from well-known brands like Godiva, Moonstruck, Ghirardelli, and more.

3.)  Fruit: Choose something more tangy or tart, like apples or pears, to go with scotch, and stay away from citrusy fruits like oranges. The perfect gift in this case would be GiftTree’s Chocolate Dipped Apples & Pears, which includes the freshest, premium Fuji apples and Forelle pears hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate. The best of both worlds.

4.)  Pub mix: Traditional pub snacks aren’t just for the beer drinkers. Foods like pretzels, rice crackers, beer chips, and salted peanuts go together nicely with scotch. For a more upscale version of traditional pub grub, give the gift of gourmet perfection with GiftTree’s Fall Perfection Snack Tower—a combination of gourmet cheeses, premium mixed nuts, New York pretzels, and more.

5.)  Dinner: When it comes to serving your main meal option, choose a protein that has a little bit more of a sweeter taste to it, and stay away from smoky or spicy flavors. Some good choices would be steak, barbecue chicken, or shrimp. For a to-die-for dinner delivered right to their door, the Surf & Turf from GiftTree is amazing! The dinner includes two Maine Lobster Tails, two premium cuts of Filet Mignon, and clarified butter for dipping.

6.)  Glass Choice: Just like with wine, the type of glass you use to drink your scotch can make a big difference in the overall experience. For optimal oxygenation, it is recommended you choose a glass with a wide, rounded bowl. The absolute best glasses I have ever seen for scotch or wine drinkers are sold at GiftTree. The Angled Glasses have a unique design that is both functional and fun. The bottom of the glasses are actually angled upward so that when you place your glass on a surface it safely swirls in place, intensifying the aromas and mixing your drink for you.

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