November Birth Flowers: The Versatile Chrysanthemum

I feel very lucky to have a November birthday. It’s perfectly nestled between Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I always have something festive to look forward to during this time of year. But it’s not just those of us who were born this month who are lucky! Our friends are also very fortunate because the November birth flower is the lovely chrysanthemum, which makes the November birthday gift one of the easiest to shop for. The cheery, multi-colored blooms can be arranged in countless bouquets that say anything from “I love you” to “You’re a great employee” and the flower is so abundant at this time of year that you needn’t agonize about picking the perfect present; just choose from one of these gorgeous GiftTree bouquets:

  • The Autumn Burst is a great seasonal arrangement that will complement their fall décor as well as celebrate their special day.
  • Our Harvest Happiness Centerpiece makes a fun alternative to a traditional flower bouquet and looks great on the table at a birthday dinner.
  • This Birthday Wishes Bouquet is the perfect office gift. The pink roses and yellow mums will brighten their day and the included balloon will let all their coworkers know that today should be a celebration!
  • For a bit more of a romantic, feminine touch the Loving You Bouquet featuring purple mums sends a heartfelt birthday greeting.
  • The pink and white Cotton Candy Bouquet looks good enough to eat and is a perfect gift for the young or young at heart.
  • Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, including deep purple and bright green. These stylish hues feature in our fragrant One Fine Day bouquet, which makes an excellent gift for any friend with modern and colorful taste.

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