Election Day

Blog by Kirian McClure

Election Day is almost upon us! I’m surely not the first to tell you that this is an important election, one that folks on both sides of the ticket are fired up about.  You probably didn’t come to this blog to read about politics, but regardless of whether your chosen candidate wins or loses, as dusk falls on Election Day a good chunk of country will be out celebrating.  In the other half disappointment will reign supreme.

Know someone who’s very invested in the race? You can help take the edge off with some unique gifts from Gift Tree ideally suited salve the wounds of defeat or bolster the euphoria of victory. The great thing about champagne gifts is they can be both an amazing addition to a winning party or if the pangs of loss ring true, serve as a fantastic consolation prize!

  • Cheers to You Champagne Basket – your choice of One Domaine Ste. Michelle or One Moet & Chandon along with a substantial assortment of gourmet foods and treats and a personalized hanging tag.
  • Dom Perignon Champagne – the world’s premiere champagne is perfect for the worlds biggest party on November 6th that arrives in luxury and adorned in a signature gift box.

As is par for the course for November, food and feasting is a traditional staple of election night in America and Election Day parties are common events throughout the country. Even if you don’t consider yourself aligned one way or the other Gift Tree can supply a range of attractive gifts sure to establish common ground between even the most divisive of supporters. Whether you are increasingly elated or dismayed as the voting results are coming in on Election Day, these food-focused gifts will make an impact thats sure to last long after the polls have closed.

  • One Dozen Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies – perfect for those looking who may be looking for answers or portends of whats to come, these fresh baked gourmet fortune cookies are hand dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate, each with a unique theme and presented in a shining golden box.
  • Giant Fortune Cookie – Baked as soon as you order and with a slew of premium options for chocolate coating, this large fortune cookie contains your own personal message custom tailored to whatever you desire and arrives in a glossy white box.
  • The Majestic Gift Tower – A versatile gift with something sure to please almost everyone, this assortment of fun gourmet treats features a colorful tower of ascending boxes that would be a welcome addition at any gathering.

Good luck to your candidates and don’t forget to vote!

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