All Saints Day

Blog by Kirian McClure

Halloween has come and gone. Despite the cries of candy-induced belly ache’s that may claim otherwise, the season rolls onward.  While Thanksgiving is still several weeks away there remains one important holiday worthy of consideration in between, that being All Saints Day.

Originally referred to as “All Hallows Day,” the first of November has traditionally been marked by a day of great feasting in remembrance of all the great saints of history. Whether you identify as religious or not, these venerated individuals were men of good will and strong character who have lived and died throughout the ages, both remembered and forgotten.  While food and revelry is an intrinsic part of All Saints Day celebrations, fresh flowers are also often present in the festivities.

Maybe there is someone in your life who you feel has the traits of a saint, or perhaps you’re simply interested in commemorating the holiday itself. Either way Gift Tree has you covered with a variety of floral arrangements sure to evoke a “saintly” ambiance:

The Magnificent White Lilies bouquet makes an ideal candidate for this as the main flowers signify both purity and virtue and with a presentation that accentuates its full and lush look.

If that seems a little old-fashioned to you, consider the Heavenly & Harmony arrangement, a full bouquet that truly shows your spirit while retaining a comfortable sense of humility.

Another popular floral arrangement that may be a bit easier on your wallet is the Beautiful in Blue bouquet, which features fresh white roses and lilies with attractive blue accents designed to create a festive feel while still conveying themes of innocence and devotion.

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