Ghost Story

Blog by Robin Crocker

On a dark and stormy Friday night in rural New England, right around the end of October, the two teenaged brothers John and Bryan King were out driving around looking for an entertaining start to their weekend. As they drove through the rain, their path stretched into the countryside, and suddenly, after not seeing anyone for miles, down the road there appeared a girl, about their age, completely drenched with rain. They stopped the car and asked if she needed a ride – she readily accepted. The boys thought it strange to come upon a thing like this, but they wanted to help. And maybe this was the adventure they were looking for.
She climbed in the back of the car and told the boys about a fight she had had with her boyfriend a couple of hours before. At the end of it he had kicked her out of the car and sped away, leaving her in the mud, the cold and the rain. At this point, one of the boys offered her his new black pea-coat.”Thank you,” she said. “You’re very kind.” The three talked on for a while. She introduced herself as Evangeline and said she lived just over the other hill. She showed them they way to her place, and they eventually came to an old country house, all lit up like a jack-o-lantern in the night. She seemed excited to finally be home.
The three stepped out of the car and onto the long walk up to the front door. John rang the door bell, and a friendly old woman answered. John began to explain – but before he could finish, Bryan grabbed his sleeve and said “Hey! She’s gone!”
Indeed, as they frantically looked around, Evangeline was nowhere to be found. The nice old woman stopped them, sighed, smiled,  and said,
“Ah, yes, Evangeline…. Evangeline. Come in boys. Have some tea and sit by the fire. I’ll tell you all about her.”
So in they went. The old woman put a kettle on the stove while she told them her story.
“Every year around this time, usually late at night, I always get a visitor asking about Evangeline, or saying they saw a lost girl on the road. I knew her well. She was quiet country girl who fell in love with a farmer Miller’s son from these parts. It was about 40 years ago, now, her murder. Shame of a thing. The papers said she and her boyfriend had had a fight – he drove off and left her – she eventually collapsed from the cold and drowned by the roadside. They found her the next morning. Saddest story I heard in all my life. But her ghost walks these roads, right around Halloween night, asking for a ride from kind passersby like yourselves. She always returns to her resting place. So nice for you to have met her. She was a sweet girl.”
John didn’t know what to say, but Bryan instantly jumped up and said “No, it can’t be true! I talked to her! I gave her my new coat! She must just have run off ’cause she’s scared of us.”
The old woman just smiled and said “Well son, I understand. But her grave is just on the other side of my property down the lane a ways. You go and see it if you want. It’s easy to find. No one ever believes me.”
Now the boys definitely had an adventure on their hands. They accepted the invitation to visit the grave site, almost certain that the woman was crazy.
The rain had let up only a little, so the boys walked briskly down the muddy lane. Following the old woman’s directions, they passed many old graves of all the landowners and old pastoral families from these back hills. They searched and searched, until finally, they came upon what must have been the right grave. As they approached, Bryan jumped back in horror to see that the headstone marked Evangeline Spencer was carefully, ever-so-gingerly draped with none other than his new black pea-coat.

  1. Whoa… that is so freaky. Always beware of who you encounter.

  2. OMG! Creepy! I guess I am not sleeping tonight!

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