Back to School!

Every morning on my way to work I’m reminded, as the sun is taking longer and longer to rise, that summer is on the way out. For some this just means an end to water-sports, barbecues, and picnics. But for many, the end of summer ushers in the beginning of a new school year- complete with shopping for school supplies and new clothes. Although GiftTree doesn’t sell new jeans or sneakers, we’ve got you covered with school supplies for any student. For starters, the Engraved Butoni Pen would make a great gift for a student at any age. As one customer said after giving one to her niece “she loved that she received such a grown up gift. She won’t let anyone else use her ‘special pen.” Or for something truly unique, you can leave your mark with a Graphite Quill designed by San Francisco artist Agelio Batle. Of course neither of these would be of any use without something to write on. Alas, GiftTree has thought of it all- our Fine Leather Journal with Free Embossing offers 192 pages ready to jot down any list, doodle, note, or idea. And it’s portability makes it perfect for any student- from elementary school to college. Or maybe you know someone who, like me, can’t stop drawing on things. Fear not! GiftTree’s Inspirational Pencil Set with Free Embossing will keep your walls free of doodles with the refillable spiral sketch pad and rainbow of colored pencils all bound in an embossed leather case. However, there may be a bookworm in your life who simply doesn’t write much or draw, but instead always has their nose in a good book. For them, why not send an Engraved bookmark, perfect for holding their place in the latest vampire novel, classic literature, magazine, or a dense organic chemistry textbook. What’s that? It’s the digital age you say? Your student only uses their iPad for homework you say? No problem! With just a few clicks you could send them an Italian Leather iPad Case with Free Engraving to stylishly protect all that precious data. Finally, with today’s emphasis on students living active lifestyles, it would be wise to help them stay healthy and hydrated with a Personalized Aluminum Water Bottle. You don’t have to give up the camping and swimming just yet- summer isn’t quite over. But don’t procrastinate too much because the school year will be starting sooner than you think, and with GiftTree’s easy online ordering you don’t have to give up any time in the outdoors to brave the department stores or shopping malls.

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