Glass Pen and Ink Set

I love all of the gifts we offer at GiftTree, but if I had to choose my favorites it would be our gifts that were inspired by Old-World designs, techniques, and styles. The Graphite Quill, Mobius Love Pendant, Fine Leather Journal, and our new product the Glass Pen and Ink Set are perfect examples.

In particular, the Glass Pen and Ink Set takes us back to Renaissance days when bottles of ink and styluses were used to relay your sentiments. You can imagine someone like William Shakespeare sitting at his desk working tirelessly on one of his famous plays, dipping his quill feverously into the ink as he works well into the waking hours. Just the sight of this beautiful gift invokes romance, adventure, and eloquence—just like one of Shakespeare’s plays.

The gift comes with two hand-blown glass styluses, six different ink colors in wax sealed bottles, and arrives in a lovely storage box.  It really is the perfect gift for any occasion, and who knows, maybe one of these sets will be used to create the next written masterpiece!

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