I scream, you scream…

If I could get away with it, I would eat ice cream (or other frozen treats) just about every day. Unfortunately my waist line just isn’t on board with that plan. When we were kids, there was this ice cream parlor, “Roses” down the road from my cousins house that had the best ice cream in the world. Well, maybe it wasn’t the BEST, but it was good. My Aunt would let us match socks for nickels (it may not sound like much, but she literally always had 2 laundry baskets full) and with the money we made from that we would skip off down the street and get our sugar fix. Those are some of my favorite times with my cousins and the other kids on 45th, hanging out at Rose’s, eating cinnamon & sugar ice cream and feeling cool that we actually knew the guys behind the counter.

As an adult, my ice cream experiences are a little different. I don’t often go to an ice cream parlor, rather enjoy a little something at home with someone special in a fun little number like this . Who says that just because I didn’t match socks to earn this treat, it can’t still be fun!

Top 5 Favorite Frozen Treats:

1. Dole Whip
2. Soft serve in Cascade Locks
3. Frozen Custard in Mobile, Alabama
4. Tillamook chocolate peanut butter ice cream
5. Arabic ice cream with pistachios

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