Make Your Wedding Gift Memorable

The big question when going to a wedding (aside from what to wear) is what sort of gift to buy the couple. We’ve all heard horror stories about the three identical toaster ovens. We want our gifts to our friends to be special, something they will actually use, and something that stands out so they will remember it came from you. These are a few things that would make great wedding gifts

  1. They say the one of the keys to a happy relationship is to never stop going on dates. Treat the couple to a series of dates with season tickets to the theater or their favorite sports team, or membership to a museum.
  2. A high-end bottle of wine or scotch to share on their first anniversary. You can even get the bottle engraved with their names and wedding date.
  3. Subscription to a quality wine of the month or coffee of the month club
  4. Forget the wedding – get them something o share on their honeymoon instead, like a gourmet gift basket or spa kit.
  5. Something customized to their interests. Do they love sushi or Thai? Why not a set of Engraved Chopsticks for Two?
  6. Most wedding gifts are domestic: kitchenware, linens, etc. A lot of younger couples are active and would love an excuse to get out of the house, so get them some camping/outdoor equipment or a set of luggage for the adventures they will have together.
  7. While money may seem impersonal, it really is one of the most appreciated wedding gifts. Many young couples are trying to save up for something; a house, a car, furniture, student loan payments. Or they can use it to make their honeymoon extra special.
  8. Who says they only need one honeymoon? Get them a trip to the spa, a weekend winery tour, or a day trip boat cruise.
  9. Cooking classes – a fun and useful activity they can do together, as well as a great way for them to meet other couples.
  10. Movies, books or music, for those stay-at-home date nights. A blu-ray player with a few of their favorite DVDs is a good choice.

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