National Champagne Day

Like me, you probably didn’t think there were any holidays to celebrate in August. It is true there aren’t any “traditional” holidays, but there are a handful of fun occasions that are definitely worth celebrating. In August alone there is National Watermelon Day, National S’mores Day, Left Hander’s Day, World Youth Day, Friendship Day, and my personal favorite, National Champagne Day on August 4th.

National Champagne Day is a relatively new holiday, but it has already become a great way to celebrate a time honored delicacy that goes all the way back to the 5th century. Many people celebrate the day with a champagne breakfast, brunch, or a lovely picnic. It is common to send a champagne gift to friends, colleagues, family, or clients, on this holiday. Gifts can range from the extravagant like our Cristal Champagne & Caviar Experience, to more basic like our Champagne & Confections. There are tons of choices, just make sure you save some for yourself!

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