Spanish Summer

Summer comes kind of late in the Pacific Northwest. It always feels like the season waits until the last minute to begin, and then condenses itself into a few brief weeks of sweltering heatwave after the 4th of July. When the sun finally comes out I love being able to keep the doors and windows open all day and night, letting the warm breeze and fresh summer scents flow through my house. What I love even more is heading outside to sit in the sun with a good book. On days like these I enjoy doing as little as possible, and the last thing I want to do when it’s a hundred degrees in the shade is cook a hot meal in the oven. I crave cold dishes: fruits, salads…popsicles! And one of my absolute favorite summertime things is Sangria. It’s light and refreshing and fruity, and goes perfectly with those cold summertime dishes. I’ve tried making it myself, but there’s something about the authenticity of real Spanish Sangria that just can’t be matched. That’s why the Spanish Sangria with Handmade Ceramic Pitcher is such a great summer gift! Not only is the Sangria genuine, it comes with a beautiful handcrafted pitcher made by Spanish artisans. Just add some fresh oranges and strawberries for a perfect summertime cocktail.

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