A Family Friendly 4th of July

Now that I have an eight-month-old daughter this 4th of July is going to be much different than in past years. I used to look forward to the large celebrations, loud booming fireworks, and staying up way later than I probably should. Now I worry about the fireworks scaring my daughter, or even worse waking her up; I dread the crowded streets and people partying; and good luck getting me to stay up past 9pm. So I’ve decided to take the advice of my friends and throw my own child-friendly 4th of July party from the convenience of my own home. But where do I start?

The best place to begin is with the décor. Nothing says Independence Day better than an America the Beautiful flower bouquet to use as a centerpiece for your table. And for outside, really impress them by hanging up Amazing Grace Wind Chimes that actually play the first six notes heard in the opening measures of the classic American hymn “Amazing Grace.”

As far as food and drinks go, I love Sangria for a fun summer drink that is both light and tasty. Then if you really want to impress them, pair the Sangria with some delicious Maine Lobster Tails  that just melt in your mouth. And for dessert, end the night with some Cheesecake Pops that are fun for both the kids and adults. A perfect ending to a safe, quiet, and baby-friendly 4th of July

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