Why, Thank You!

A couple months ago I went on a road trip with my boyfriend. With gas prices, food and lodging, our trip was on a budget. We took the scenic route from Vancouver, WA into Nevada and ended up in San Diego before we made it back home. Our friends and family saved us several hundreds of dollars mainly in hotels alone not to mention food.

When you’re trying to plan a road trip on a budget, or even any trip you take this summer remember to send a Thank You to those who fed or put a roof over your head. If you stay with a family member, a friend or even a friend of a friend. Tell them how much you appreciate them with a gift. Besides,  staying one night under someone else’s roof for free saved you at least $50!

Here at Gift Tree we have numerous gifts under $50 that say “Thank you!” Take a look and send one today.

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  1. I think gourmet basket are definitely a no-brainier type of gift, the customer doesn’t even have to put it together. From the looks of it many people appreciate all your hard work. Thank You.

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