Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

When I was a little girl, my dad pretty much got one of two gifts; either a novelty tie or a bucket of Old Spice. He always made a big show out of loving the light up penguin tie or bottle of cheap aftershave, but let’s be real- he never made any use out of my well intentioned presents. I think I finally found him a gift he will use, and like, The Man Can! This gift is funny and cool, in a manly paint can container. So long Old Spice, hello Bay Rum scented moisturizer!

My husband is another issue entirely. We have two small girls who are just beginning to understand what Father’s Day is, and I really want it to be special for everyone. What is the perfect gift for Dad? He helped my daughter make me an awesome bird feeder for Mother’s day, lovingly hand painted and sprayed with red glitter to attract my favorite songbirds. I don’t think we can hand craft a lung wrench or a part for his ’62 Impala, so I have been racking my brain for a cool gift that will give us family good times. Then, as always, Gifttree saved my bacon! He is a barbecue master and we have a fabulous new gift called the Terre Exotique Oils and Salts Travel Satchel. It has herbs and spice mixtures, seasoned salts and infused olive oils. I can already see him using his goodies for a family meal. Happy Father’s Day!

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