Congratulations, Graduates!

Me graduating High School was nothing short of a miracle. It took a small army of people (Krystal, Mr. Hollands, my mom bribing me with Senior pictures (my sisters think I’m a tad vain)), and many hours of talking my Spanish teacher into giving me a passing grade. School just wasn’t my thing, but somehow I graduated and with a decent GPA, got killer senior portraits done and managed to never go to a full day of class my senior year.

If I could tell my 18 year old self a few things this is what I would say:
– Pay attention in Spanish, you will grow to regret it later!
– Don’t invite that boy to prom, that is not going anywhere for you.
– Spend as much time with your friends as possible, next year you will all be spread out, these moments are precious.
– Don’t worry so much, everything turns out just fine!

Encourage your graduate to live up (responsibly) the last few months in town before they dive into adulthood. Check out our Graduation Gifts to help them start celebrating the right way.

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