There are many types of bubbles: soap bubbles, fun bubbles, gum bubbles, even spit bubbles.  Have you ever tried to blow a bubble and frown at the same time? Its pretty hard and you want to know why – Bubbles are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. that’s right, I said it!

Some of my favorite memories working with kids include blowing bubbles (all sorts) to the point of getting light headed. I always had them packed away in my Nanny bag and made sure to have a few extra bottles of solution in the trunk of my car just in case. The thing about bubbles, whether it be with soap or gum, is that no matter how old you are they are fun. It might be weird, but I remember significant points in my life revolving around blowing bubbles;  At Church after Sunday School the teacher would let us pick a piece of gum from her stash, she had every kind under the sun.  As kids we’d spend hours on the porch with our friends trying to make bubbles big enough to stand in,  and in high school when we’d go on mission trips to Mexico – I’d ALWAYS take a big bag, or 4, of Double Bubble to hand out to all the kids down there, I’d teach them how to blow bubbles, we’d become friends – neither of us speaking each others language.  Maybe the most important to me, teaching Sydney (my greatest treasure who is now 9 years old) to blow her own bubbles. These moments, silly, to say the least, are significant moments in my life, but I cherish these as much as I cherish the big life changing events.

To me, bubbles are nothing short of magic. Do yourself a favor and blow your troubles away with this pewter wand. The kid in you will thank me later.

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