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Who isn’t a sucker for a good love story – even those who say they aren’t are… They’re lying if they dont tell you that they swoon when Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy end up together, or when Noah reads “their” story to Allie when she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, and whats even better is being able to enjoy these stories both in written form and on the big screen.   One of my favorite movies/books “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks was both beautifully written and also very well done in the theater.  Its so exciting to see if you and the director “read” the book the same way.
In this movie Jamie has a list of things she want’s to accomplish before she dies (Spoiler Alert** If you havent seen/read it – she has cancer and they can’t do anything about it so she decides to make the most of what is left of her life instead of dwelling on what will soon be). On her list of what she wants to accomplish are things like get a tattoo, have a star named after her  (Name a Star Gift Set),  get married in the church her parents did (Wedding Blessings Box), and witness a miracle (Welcome Home Baby Basket).  All the while Landon is pursuing a relationship with her, he takes it upon himself to help her knock off some of the things on her list while she encourages to make his own list. At the end of the movie Landon says to Jamie’s dad “Im sorry she never got her miracle” – and he responds “She did, it was you.” SWOON! Admit it – now you want to go out and make your own list just on the off chance you could be someones miracle?

Here’s mine (well an abridged version):.

– Visit each of the 7 continents.
– See the Northern Lights.
– Catch a firefly.
– Eat at a Michelin rated restaurant
– Marry my best friend.

What would you add to your list?

  1. Those are some pretty cool bucket lists. You’re right. I do want a list of my own now. Here goes…

    -Go Skydiving
    – See a Cirque du Soleil show
    -Gonna steal “marry my best friend” 😛
    -Learn to paint a landscape masterpiece
    -Write a children’s book

  2. “A Walk to Remember,” is one of my favorite books ever. (Yes, the movie is good too, but in my opinion, books are usually better than the movie.) :) It shows me that sometimes a miracle can happen without you even realizing it.

    On my (short) bucket list, in no particular order…

    -Swim with Sharks
    -Visit Australia
    -See Garth Brooks in concert
    -Own a farm

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