An Interview with Eggling…

Hello, Eggling. Eggling?

Oh, yes, sorry. I thought you were here to crack me open.

Why would I want do that?

Well, apparently word has been getting around about the seeds that have been planted inside me. Everyone wants to crack me open with some metallic utensil and get those little plants growing.

I take it you aren’t in favor of this.

Look, how would you feel in my position?

I see your point.

This isn’t a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie, you know.

No, it’s significantly cuter.

*sigh* That’s the whole problem. Japanese people have been buying me up by the dozen for years, and now GiftTree will be shipping me around the world for people to take a whack at.

Is that all you have to do? Crack open your top?

Well, in theory I would need water and sun too, but it’s not like…hey, what are you doing with that spoon? Is that a watering can? Hey! Hey!

*interview cut off*

We’re making Eggling grow! Click here to watch it’s progress on Pinterest!

  1. I love reading interviews with gifts! Will there be more?? I certainly hope so…what a great concept!

  2. Hahaha! I love this little egg, it’s such a cute idea!

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