6 Saint Patrick’s Day Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For

Whether the recipient is Irish or just wishes they were, it’s no easy task finding the right gift for Saint Patrick’s Day. Never fear, GiftTree isn’t about to leave you hanging. We’ve assembled a lineup of some of the most delicious, ready-to-party gifts for you that we can muster.

1. For the Cookie Lover: Saint Patrick’s Cookie Pail
These are no ordinary shamrock cookies. Their recipe is derived from an ancestral shortbread recipe from Scotland, and is packed with incredible buttery flavor. Each one is handmade in a Portland, Oregon bakery to exacting standards. Normally reserved for restaurants and gourmet stores, we’ve packed a dozen of them into a green pail for top-notch presentation. They come dipped in chocolate, green confection, and sprinkled with sugar crystals.

2. For the Sugar Addict: As Good as Gold
Pots of Leprechaun gold are in short supply these days, so we’ve cooked up a replacement to fortify adventurers on their quests. Caramel Truffle Bars by Lake Champlain, Macadams’ Lemon Tea Cookies, Marich Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, and Jumbo Toffee Peanuts are just the beginning. It’s not bottomless, but it’s close.

3. For the Tea Snob: Traditional Teatime Basket
White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, we’ve got it all covered. Stuffed with some of the best varieties we could find, this basket contains everything needed for a complete teatime. Teas include Tea Forte’s famous Ginger Tea pyramids, three varieties of Teatulia and Te Peppermint Chamomile Jazz Tea. Complementing these are mint and chai shortbread by Biscottea, Orange Blossom Honey, Lemon Tea Cookies, wafers, and a complete ceramic teapot and cup.

4. For the Beer Enthusiast: Craft Beer & Snacks Basket
If your recipient is more of a beer drinker, send them the ultimate in malted-beverage basketry. First, the snacks: the beer basket offers a generous assortment of classic pub grub for the brews to wash down. Thick cut kettle chips, almonds, pretzels, beer nuts, cheese straws, and sweet hot stone ground mustard are just for starters. For the beers, you may select one of three assortments: six American IPAs, four American microbrews, or six international beers, including Red Stripe from Jamaica, Corona Extra from Mexico, Newcastle Brown Ale from England, Heineken from the Netherlands, Molson Canadian, and Guinness Stout, Ireland’s thick, rich, world-famous brew. You’re buying the international option.

5. For the Cheese Fanatic: Artisan Cheese Hamper
Cheese, cheese and more cheese. The hamper comes in three sizes, Standard, Gourmet and Deluxe, packed with an ever-escalating array of odiferous offerings. Cheeses available for the discerning turophile in your life include: Emmi Emmentaler Swiss, Beecher’s Flagship Smoked Cheddar, Gran Maestre Manchego and UnieKaas Red Label Gouda. Fruits, salami, mustard and nuts are all also available. There’s enough in here to feed a whole clan.

6. For the Oenophile: Classic Wine Duet
Take Saint Patrick’s day to a more refined level with a pair of sumptuous wines and an assortment of gourmet snacks. There are three pairs to choose from: Tanner Ridge Chardonnay & Reserve Red Wine, BV Coastal Estates Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon, and Kendall Jackson Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon. Aaron Bell Almonds, Sesame Sticks, and Parmesan Artichoke Cheese Biscuits complete the gift, boxed in one of our most distinguished packages.

  1. Nice gift for that hard to buy for person for sure. I know a couple of friends who would love the beer package.

  2. What a great list! I am going to you for advise on what to get for all my hard to shop for friends from now on!

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