Valentine’s Day!

As a girl I had wild dreams of one day experiencing a Valentines day like they they do in the movies. Rose petals everywhere, champagne for the masses and prince charming on one knee with a diamond that would put the Heart of the Ocean to shame.  In grade school my dad brought me and my sisters flowers to school every year, potted ones that we could then bring home and plant in the yard. It was something I looked forward to every year. Now that I’m out of school, all of my valentines days have consisted of awful restaurants, last minute plans, and an occasional gift. Mind you I don’t have the best track record when it comes to dating. I guess I just haven’t found “The One”. As I have gotten older, my ideal Valentines Day has changed with each passing year. The thought of having to clean up all the mashed petals in my carpet is not appealing, I have discovered champagne is not my drink of choice, and while the Heart of the Ocean is a spectacular piece of jewelry, it now lies at the bottom of the Atlantic – Ugh, thanks Rose.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a hopeless romantic;  I fantasize about marring Johnny Castle and dancing the night away, the song lyrics of 16 year old Taylor Swift resonate in my soul more then they should and I can’t help but smile when I know that someone has found their lobster.

I don’t need anything fancy these days, although I wouldn’t pass up a love letter like the ones Mr. Darcy and Noah Calhoun write, a home made telescope to look at the stars and knock one more thing off my bucket list, or having a guy stand out side my window blasting Phil Collins from his boom box (that’s right a boom box, not an ipod – I might even give him a pen). Oh who am I kidding, I would kill for that kind of stuff…. send me to a John Hughes movie or any fairy tale, where the prince and princess end up happily ever after.  So until that special someone comes to take me on a boat ride under a blanket of willow trees surrounded by fireflies while crabs, frogs and flamingos sing to us, I’ll just have to settle for what my friends and I throw together at the last moment.  I guess in reality my 10 year old self isn’t much different from the me today. I still want to be swept off my feet.

This Valentines Day take the time to plan something special for the one you love. Guys, trust me on this… Every grown woman is still the princess she once dreamed to be, waiting for prince charming to rescue her from household chores, fat cats & mean step moms and Dads, don’t forget your daughters on valentines day – you are their first true love, let them know how special they are to you too.

  1. This could not be more true! Good one Clara! :)

  2. Oh cuddin, I love reading these! I swear every time I read one of your blogs they bring a tear to my eye(yep, just one tear from one eye)You always bring me back to our days growing up together:) And when you find your prince will you ask him if he has a brother? Love Ya Clare Bear!

  3. This right here is sooo funny! I think we all feel the same way

  4. Oh Clara – thanks so much for the smiles. This blog is awesome! So true, too. You will definitely find your lobster!

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