Valentine’s Day Contest – Become a SweetHero!

My husband and I were recently talking about memorable moments we’ve had in the 15 years that we’ve been married. Valentine’s Day of 2002 is one of my favorites. I had just given birth to our daughter, and our son was 2 years old. My husband had to go out of town on a business trip for several days and as luck would have it, both kids became very sick. Juggling two sick kids by myself to numerous doctor visits was an overwhelming task. After a long day, I was about to have myself a good cry when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked outside and saw the biggest flower arrangement I’ve ever seen. Overjoyed, I opened the door and the delivery driver hands me the flowers and said “Your husband told us to let you know he’s sorry he can’t be here with you today.” I thanked the delivery man and was about to close the door, but he said “Hold on, that’s not it!” and proceeded to go out to his truck and get another HUGE flower arrangement. Oh. My. Goodness. Not 1…not 2… but FIVE arrangements later (and some balloons for our toddler) I was able to say goodbye to the delivery driver. It was amazing! My whole house smelled like a floral shop, there were flowers EVERYWHERE. My husband also called shortly after to let me know that he was able to change his flight so he could come home 12 hours earlier to us. He was my SweetHERO!!

Do you need help being a SweetHero this Valentine’s Day? Tell us why – Do you need to redeem yourself after a not so hot Valentine’s Day gift last year? Do you want to propose this year? Do you need a little romantic gifting guidance? Let us know why you need GiftTree’s help to be a SweetHero this year and you’ll be entered to win! First place will receive a gorgeous Two Dozen Red Rose Delight bouquet hand delivered to their Valentine. We’ll also choose two runner up’s who will each win a Valentine’s Day Cookie Bouquet.
More ways to win!
“Like” GiftTree on Facebook and leave a post on our wall, telling us why you need our help to be a SweetHero

Deadline to enter: midnight (PST),  Friday, Feb 10th 2012. The winner will be selected by GiftTree’s Blog Team and notified by email. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

  1. very good and touching

  2. This would be great for my daughter. She has had a hard year last year and this would make a great start to a new year.

  3. I would love to win flowers for my wife, we have been living rather tightly since I was laid off from work, I would love to give her something beautiful.

  4. I am a single mom, not married, I adopted my 2 daughters. There is no man in my life right now. So I would give these to my sister who has Breast Cancer, and her cancer has travelled to her brain twice, now. She sure could use some cheering up.

  5. I need GiftTree’s help to be a SweetHero this year Because I have an 88 yr old dear lady friend who is a sweets/goodies addict and she deserves something swell!

  6. I would love to be the sweethero to a family friend..little over a yr ago..she had a stroke..shes in her 40’s while still in a coma..her only child ,a daughter (17) dies unexpectly of a bloodclot..she was taken straight from the hospital..back to Michigan..(she was living in ky)and put in a nursing home to rehabilatate. Her father..threw away..and gave away..almost all of her belongs…he even thru away some of her only childs ,baby items…..shes been in the nursing home over a yr now…..with few contacts from people who are supposed to be her friends..i feel like they have all moved on and forgotten her…..i would love to win this and have it sent to her.

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