How to Keep your Christmas Tree Fresh

Steps you need to take to select and keep your Christmas tree fresh longer

1)  Before getting your tree, select an area in your house that Christmas tree will be placed.  Keep it away from direct heat like fire places and other heat sources.  Even the heat TV’s and fridges produce can cause damage in the long run.  Also, keep it away from the door and don’t place it in between two doors as the winds can knock your tree down.  Make sure you measure the selected area to insure that your tree will fit in the designated area.

2)  Research your purchasing area.  Some lots will have a tree shipment in weekly or some only once in the whole season.  I always recommend the Christmas tree farms not only because its tons of fun but also because you know for a fact that your tree was “just” cut.  Many times at the tree lots, they have been sitting their for weeks at a time and also we don’t know the conditions they were transported in.  Strong dry winds and cold weather can factor into the tree’s life span.

3)  When selecting your tree, look for the color.  Fresh trees will have  healthy looking green with few brown needles.  Always run your hand through the tree and pay attention to the flexibility of the trees.  Also look for any fallen needles.  In a healthy tree, you want to see branches bounce back into its place and be flexible in general.  If you are still not too sure, drop your tree at the butt end and watch for the amount of needles dropped.  If your tree is healthy, you should only be able to see brown needles on the floor.  If you see a large amount of green needles on the floor, get a different tree.   When you are selecting your tree, keep in mind what area it will be kept in (refer to step 1).  If you are setting your tree in the corner where only the front of the tree is visible, you will need to look for a tree with the best looking front.  If you are keeping it in the middle of the room where all sides are visible then you will need a tree that is best looking 360 degrees.

4)  Make sure that when you are cutting your tree, the butt end of your tree is over 6 inches long and is straight to insure it fits into your stand.

5)  When setting your tree up, re-cut the stump 1 inch and place it in warm water.  Make sure you check the water levels regularly.  Even for small amounts of time that the tree is left without water will make it dry out quicker. Adding Aspirin, sugars and bleaches is not necessary.  Just warm water will do the trick.

6)  When decorating your tree, use UL approved decorations and lights.  Use of miniature lights will decrease the amount of heat it produces and is not as harmful for the trees.  Also turn lights off at night.  It is not only for your safety (don’t ruin those Christmas gift baskets!) but also will keep your tree last longer by not exposing your tree to too much heat.

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