The Magic of Santa

I believe in Santa Claus and I am not ashamed to say it. Well let me clarify. I don’t think a jolly fat man slides down the chimney and delivers presents to every child (and in reality I dont even have a chimney!). No, I believe more in the spirit of Santa. He represents something so magical and joyous finding the words to describe what I mean is difficult but I will try.
Santa was never really a huge deal in our house but he was’t hidden either. He only came to our house if our rooms were clean (not an easy task with 4 girls packed into one bedroom). I remember waiting for Santa to come, we put out the cookies and milk and went to bed… but didn’t really sleep.. .does anyone?  I am notoriously (still) the first awake in my family on any given day- Christmas morning was another story all together. Walking/running into the living room after my parents gave us the go ahead, my 3 sisters in tow – eyes wide with excitement, taking in all that was shining and new. Santa found us! We were not as bad as we thought! These are really Good presents!
I knew my parents got us presents, they were under the tree for weeks tempting me, even though they always used “code names” like Fe, Fi, Fo and Fum, and I was never sure which ones were really mine. I peeked every now and then and got pretty good about making sure the wrapping paper looked as good, if not better, after I had my fill. What can I say, surprises are hard for me. I also knew that he brought the really good presents that were to cool to be hindered by wrapping paper. In our house the presents left by Santa were on display so we could see them just as we rounded the corner into the living room. One of the best presents he brought us as children was a Super Nintendo. To this day I challenge anyone to a round at Super Mario World – I will destroy you.
I don’t remember when it changed from believing with my whole heart that he was real to coming to terms with the truth. I know I wasn’t sad, and I now know I will let my kids have the thrill of waiting for Santa to come. Although Santa isn’t the reason for the season, he adds a lot to our holiday celebrations both young and old.
In my opinion Santa is Magic and no one should be denied a good show.  Hearts and Ivy Handmade Santa or Byer’s Collectible Santa with Stone Cellars Wine would be good Santa gifts to add to your collection!


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  1. I love this Clara! It totally takes me back to when I would secretly unwrap presents and take a peak too!! haha, great times!

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