Thanksgiving in My Country

As some of you my fellow readers already know this, I’m not from these part of the woods.  I was born and raised in Ukraine, Odessa to be more exact.  Unfortunately we don’t have Thanksgiving holiday established as a national holiday like we do here in the US or Canada.  I do come from a religious family and luckily I still get to participate in a similar holiday that was hosted by our church.  It is called harvest celebration (similar concept as Thanksgiving in US but is celebrated with the entire church rather then close family members).  There is no specific date but is typically celebrated after first harvest.  I was still little when we left Ukraine but happen to remember the entire process.  Right before service started every member attending would pick a fruit or a vegetable (it could be anything that is growing, even flowers) and set on the front stage at the church.  The whole service is based on thanking God for providing us with crop and everything else for our well being.  Often after the church service, everyone stays for a “harvest feast”.  At this time everyone helps themselves to all the food that was brought to the church and shares with others.  This is a great time to socialize with your friends and discuss plans for planting next year.  I am glad that we here in the US get to share this holiday with everybody and not just with your friends at church.  As I have observed living here as long as I have, different nationalities, religious or not, comes together and celebrate this wonderful holiday together.  I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving and as my older brother likes to say “Happy Turkey Day”. :)

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  1. Its interesting Thanksgiving does not happen in the UK apart from people from the USA, but what is interesting lots of people from the USA buy presents for love ones back in the UK who don’t come from the US. so the UK does get involved with Thanksgiving.

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