How to Select Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Before you want to make a decision on what centerpiece you would like to purchase or gift to others, you need to ask yourself this question: How long will you need your centerpiece for?  Will you be hosting more then one dinner on Thanksgiving week?  If you need a centerpiece just for the Thanksgiving day, selecting a centerpiece that is arranged low to the base (like the Family Gathering Centerpiece) with out a vase would work.  It is usually set on a low dish and arranged into the oasis.  It will probably last you up to 3 days if you check the oasis moisture regularly but will not work if you are hosting another dinner later on.  Nowadays, some families host multiple dinners in a week to ensure everyone is participating. If that is your case, I suggest selecting something that is in a vase or in a solid container with a good water supply.  The Country Pumpkin Bouquet that we carry comes in a ceramic container that will hold water and should be able to last you longer.  The other tip is, select a bouquet that contains longer lasting flowers such as alstroemeria, poms of any variety  and carnations.  Happy Holidays!

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