Caring For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

I have many customers and friends that ask me the best way to care for flowers and how to make them last longer.  Its very simple, simply cut the stems about quarter of an inch at an angle using a sharp knife and put them in luke warm water.  If you have flower food, mix that into your warm water.  Repeat this every 2 days.  Yes, it’s that simple!  No need to spend money on aspirin, save it for your headache instead.  Yes it does slightly decreases the pH levels but doesn’t contain any food nutrition or chemicals to control the bacteria in the vase and that is what flowers need.  Another myth I hear often of is to put a penny in a vase. Many believe that the copper from penny releases chemicals to control bacteria growth, but what they really don’t know is that pennies haven’t been entirely made from copper since the 1800’s.  I suggest you save your penny for your piggy bank.  Another myth that I myself used to do was putting bleach in water.  If you have exact measurements, it could work.  What it will do is kill the bacteria, but it could also kill the flower if you mess up on proportion.  Statistically, the majority of the population who put bleach in vases don’t use proper proportions and often end up killing the flowers.  Since bleach does more harm then actual good, I suggest you ditch it.  It still doesn’t provide the necessary nutritions that is necessary for flowers to survive.  Flowers need food and bacteria free water to live longer.  By cutting the stems, you will refreshen the pure and encourage the flowers to drink water which will prolong the life span.

  1. Great info! I also find that keeping my bouquet out of the direct sun and away from my heaters helps them last longer. I also like arrangements that contain tropical flowers, because they seem to last so much longer than regular flowers.

  2. You may like to be close to your TV, computer and heater, but your flowers don’t! All of these generate enough heat to shorten the life of flowers. Did you know that some flowers naturally last longer than others? Daisies, Gerbers, Mums, Carnations, Alstroemeria and Lilies will look the freshest, the longest.

  3. I got to admit, I’m guilty of the bleach method. I think its a 50/50 shot on if it actually made any difference. I have noticed that cutting the stems frequently does seem to help them last the longest.

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