Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween Gift BasketAs a child one of my favorite things to do was play dress up. Lets be honest – It is still one of my favorite things. I love a good costume party like a little blue monster loves cookies. Growing up in the Northwest our costumes for Trick or Treating had to be rain proof. I hardly remember a Halloween that a ski coat/ Rain jacket/ het and sometimes gloves were not needed. In fact one year my sisters, cousins and I dressed up in out ski gear, goggles and everything, and this lady had the nerve to tell us that wasn’t a good enough costume!
Although I no longer Trick or Treat I do love passing out candy to the kids as they come to the door in their costumes. From Princesses to Ninja’s, Lions to Robots, I love it all. There is, however, one thing I would change. How about those cute trick or treaters bring treats to me?! How awesome would that be? All night long people ring YOUR door bell and bring you all of your favorite treats (All you teachers and dentists feel free to leave the pencils & toothbrushes at home- NO ONE really likes those except maybe the parents). No more fussing with the weather report, or trying to find a long sleeve shirt that looks good under the ballerina leotard. No sir.
This year I will be in an adorable costume, patiently waiting for my Happy Halloween Gift Basket or the Halloween Boo Berries  at my front door! And if the delivery man is lucky- I might even share with him!

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