It’s Almost Halloween!

Guest Blogger: Sam Wick

I’ve always had a certain appreciation of the Halloween holiday. With a combination of trickery, treats, parties, and fantastic costumes there is a lot to enjoy as a short respite to the increasing chill, and at least around here increased rainfall.

Halloween is an odd holiday as it takes a strange variety of traditions form all over the world and mashes them together. Trick or treating, or as it used to be called “souling” is dated back to the middle ages where it was done as a trade of prayers for the dead in return for food. Trick or treating as we know it now didn’t show up until the 1920’s, and costumes didn’t show up until the 1930’s. Pumpkin carving was originally part of souling, but instead of carving pumpkins was they used turnips. Pumpkins only started being used once Europeans started settling in America and found the large size of the pumpkin to be a convenient alternative.

Speaking of pumpkins how about some tips for fantastic pumpkin carving!

1. Choose a pumpkin that is unbruised, has a flat bottom, and large enough to comfortably carve.

2. Make sure you have a solid selection of tools, some items can be jury rigged, but a mini hand saw is very important.

3. Be sure to work safe, nothing ruins a pumpkin carving faster then someone getting hurt, use common sense, especially when handling sharp tools or fire.

4. When tracing the pattern you want be sure to hold it in place firmly with tape or some sort of pin. Also make sure the area is well lit.

5. Once you start the actual carving the biggest tip is to be patient and keep your movements steady, Soon you will have a unique pumpkin sculpture of your own!

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  1. Thanks for this tips! I used them when picking/ carving my pumpkin this year! Glad I didn’t have to carve a turnip- I don’t have those kind of skills.

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