Fall is almost here!

Whats Brewing Coffee TowerI have very important plans for the first day of Fall!  They are as follows;

1.)    Dig out wonderfully colored Autumn sweaters from storage.
2.)    Dress in one of said sweaters.
3.)    Head to my local coffee shop.
4.)    Find a cozy booth near the windows.
5.)    Order a cool-weather specific drink.
6.)    ENJOY!

I have always been partial to Fall.  I am not sure if it’s relief from the heat, the marvelous colors or the dynamic smells but it is my absolute favorite season.  And my absolute favorite thing to do in my absolute favorite season is people watching in any one of the thousands of coffee shops we have here in the Pacific NW.  I just can not wait to bundle up in several soft layers, trek through the streets crunching fallen leaves, and  sniff all the wonderful smells that roll in on Fall’s back.  I can’t wait to feel the crisp air on my face as I plod along, looking in lighted store windows and searching out my end destination.  I love that you can smell the coffee shop before you see it; the rich aroma of brewed coffee and cheer.  And nothing compares to the first blast of warmth and laughter as you open the door to step in.  Fall also brings with it unique coffee concoctions such as the peppermint chocolate frap, the pumpkin spiced mocha or the gingerbread latte.  I cherish the few precious months I can order these delicious comfort drinks and it seems that during the cooler months my appetite for coffee is insatiable!  This is why I was so excited for the What’s Brewing Coffee Tower!  Now I can have delicious coffee at home and to top if off this gift contains my FAVORITE cookies, java candies, almond roca and biscotti!  Now if only I had a cute barista with a hat in my kitchen!!

  1. I agree! It is fun to people-watch at a local coffee shop with a hot drink in-hand, but when my schedule or the weather gets in the way I can brew a steamy mug of tea using my Tea Forte Magnolia Mug & Infuser from GiftTree. This gift set includes 3 single steep tea pyramids that are even tastier when they are sipped from the beautiful mug decorated with delicate magnolias. Not only does the mug look great, it’s double-walled ceramic tumbler keeps your tea hot for a long time. If your tea does cool down before you’re finished, the mug is microwave safe. And, it’s fitted with a stainless steel infuser that makes using loose tea easy. It also works great with tea bags. Another impressive thing about this mug is that it’s made by American tea company, Tea Forte. It’s tea time!

  2. I love being able to curl up on a rainy day with a warm tasty drink and a good book to read! I can usually skip the Autumn sweater though. 😉

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