Appropriate Flowers For a Funeral

Standing SprayFunerals are very hard for the family and friends of the deceased.  Its a subject you least want to discuss, and finding the energy or desire to arrange the service can be daunting.   There is a lot of  planning involved and only a few days to arrange it.  Flowers are a major factor in funeral planning,  and the question I get the most is “What is the difference between a spray and a basket arrangement?” or “Which one would be more appropriate and will last longer?”  The standing spray is a bouquet arranged on a standing easel and is supported by an oasis box and doesn’t contain a good water supply.  An arrangement in a basket is typically arranged in a paper mache basket and can hold water for a short period of time.  Paper mache baskets are designed to dissolve into the ground if they are left by the grave side or even buried.  Both arrangement styles are appropriate for this occasion and the only difference is the basket arrangement has a longer life span then the standing sprays.  The rule of thumb is if you are sending flowers to a funeral that will require flowers for 2 or more days, send  a basket or a vase arrangement so it has the water to last for a long period of time.   If you are sending flowers for just the graveside service or for a viewing held in the evening and the services is followed by the next day, the funeral spray would be suitable.  Hope this little piece of information will help you make a decision on the flowers when selecting flowers for the funeral.

  1. You’re very welcome!

  2. Luba, thank you for this very tactful blog!! I honestly didn’t know the difference and this was very helpful.

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