Tea Time!

Teatime basketWhen I was little I loved spending time with my grandma. I would go to her house and spend the day shopping and having girl time. Those were the best times. After a long day I would get ready for bed in one of my grandpa’s t-shirts that was 6 times to big for me. My grandma would always make me a cup of peppermint tea with a splash of honey and a cookie of my choice!

During holidays and birthdays it is so hard to find something for my grandma that she will enjoy. This lady has almost everything! GiftTree.com is always coming out with new gifts that are amazing! New to the website is this awesome basket called Traditional Teatime Basket. This beautiful basket is great for any tea lover, it has so much to chose from! It comes with several different flavors of tea, honey and shortbread cookies complete with a teapot and cup. All you need is the water!

This is such a perfect gift for her and I know as soon as she opens it she will know that I cherish those days when I was little. Making her smile is the best feeling ever.

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  1. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a child, too!! I LOVED sleeping in my grandfather’s tees, even though if I put my arms at my side it would slip right off me.

    I was looking at getting this for my grandmother for Grandparent’s Day which is Sept 11th!!!

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